White Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Electric / Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guang Zhou China
Brand Name: Soyha
Certification: CE
Model Number: HS-0150B
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 3~7day
Payment Terms: T/T L/C

White Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Electric / Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser​


Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Electric Introduction

Introducing the new product HS-0501B from our Scent Better range
It is battery-powered, application controlled, and can be mounted on the desktop or wall mount. It is the most versatile diffuser in the world.

HS-0501B has a new small space fragrance selection, smart, generous, stylish, suitable for use in 300 square meters of space, with the smell of your own space.

This easy-to-use diffuser can be installed in the bedroom, in the office or on any wall wherever you want to create a subtle fragrance.

HS-0501B can hold up to 100 ml of your favorite aroma oil and enjoy hours of fun. It is also equipped with Bluetooth technology so you can control and program your scent experience anytime, anywhere.

Like other fragrance diffusers, HS-0501B uses high-tech atomization technology to release fragrance in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly way.


Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Electric Parameters
Material PP Oil bottle 150ml/200ml Installation
Color White/Black Oil consumption 1mL/H±5% × Connect with HVAC
√ Mount to the wall
√ Tabletop placement
× Ceiling suspended
Voltage DC12V Qty of Package 24 pcs/ctn
Power 5W G.W / carton 23.65kg
Noiselevel <38dba Carton size 56*38*56cm


Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Electric Details

White Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Electric / Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser


1. To improve work efficiency by diffusing fragrance to the air
2. To enhance the service level, make people feel comfortable.
3. To enhance the corporate image, so that can make company unique and diffreent from others Finally get remembered
by consumer.
4. To enhance the corporate brand, scent marketing is a new marketing method, Unique smell can represent your Logo.


How to clean the machine?

1T.ake out the bottle.


2.Wash with alcohol.


3.Pour fresh alcohol into the bottle, install it on the machine, turn on the power and wash the machine for ten minutes.


4.After cleaning the machine, turn off the power.


5.Remove the essential oil, put it into a metal (plastic) bottle, put it into the machine, and lock the back door.



1.The aroma diffuser setup consists of three parts: aroma diffuser, power adapter, mounting parts (screw positioning anchor, plastic tube)


2.The time of the aroma diffuser programmers can set different working days, different working hours and different aroma concentrations to suit different commercial spaces and customer needs.


3.Pour the sesame oil into the bottle and open the machine. The space is filled with a harmonious and pleasant aroma.


4.At the same time, we are the agent of Hong Kong iscnet solid fragrance, the fragrance is not limited to liquid, we use the breeze to produce a consistent fragrance. We make liquid and solid fragrances to meet the needs of different consumers.


Attention the other details for this scent diffuser machine:

1) No heat

2) No water

3) No ultrasound

4) Refillable essential oil container

5) Cold air diffusion technology / dry gas technology

6) Keep silent while working

7) Using a fan system to increase the rate of fragrance

8) Suitable for various areas such as hotels, studios, bedrooms

9) Easy to maintain and operate

10) Freestanding diffuser and HVAC system or hanging on the wall

11) with timer program, persistence, concentration settings




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