Eco Friendly Large Area Scent Diffuser HVAC Connect 2000-3000 Cubic Meters

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guang Zhou China
Brand Name: Asoyha
Certification: CE
Model Number: HZ-2000
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Packing
Delivery Time: 3~7day
Payment Terms: T/T L/C
Supply Ability: 500 sets per month

Eco Friendly Large Area Scent Diffuser HVAC Connect 2000-3000 Cubic Meters

Large Area Scent Diffuser Introduction

HS-2000 aromatherapy machine can emit fragrance 2000-3000 cubic meters
Using the latest cold air diffusion technology, the nebulizer retains the therapeutic properties of essential oils.
The built-in fan of the HS-2000 can evenly and effectively cover the large area of the aroma.
Even if you consume a lot of essential oils, the concentration of the fragrance will not change.
Easy-to-use internal timers provide the highest level of control
Because it has a programmable weekly timer, it allows up to four unique operating cycles for your perfume schedule.
Ideal for large commercial areas, using advanced atomization technology, the liquid sesame oil is atomized into a mist and then spread directly onto each corn.
The good smell in the air makes people happy and comfortable. Therefore, the odor machine is a good way to improve the traditional business. With its unique advantages.
In addition, you can use any essential oil or perfume on our machines.

Our perfumes come in many styles, especially the hotel series and white tea series are very good, and our essential oil samples are free.

Large Area Scent Diffuser Detail

Color Black/White G.W 6.0kg Oil consumption 4mL/H±5% √ Connect with HVAC
√ Mount to the wall
√ Tabletop placement
× Ceiling suspended
Voltage DC12v N.W 5.0kg Qty of Package 6 pcs/ctn
Power 12W Product size W230*D145*H350mm G.W / carton 37.7kg
Noiselevel <42dba Package size W290*D230*H410mm Carton size 73*43*60.5cm

Large Area Scent Diffuser Parameters

Eco Friendly Large Area Scent Diffuser HVAC Connect 2000-3000 Cubic Meters


About HZ-20000:

Quality: The appearance of HZ-2000 is metal texture. It feels frosted and feels high-grade atmosphere is very suitable for high-end residential, hotel, lobby, bedroom and so on.

Weight: The HZ-2000 is medium in size, but because the high quality casing is heavy, don't worry, he can still hang on the wall.

Use area: HZ-2000 can be used in 2000-3000 square meters of space, its aroma can be evenly distributed in various spaces and corners

Voltage and Power: Even if we write 12V and 12W on the detail page, depending on the sensitivity of each country, we can make changes based on your specific situation.

Oil bottles: Each machine will be assigned a bottle, we have 500 ml and a thousand ml aluminum bottle, and even can be customized

Installation: It can be connected to HVAC or mounted to a wall, placed on the desktop, and you have many ways to install it.



[MODE]: Change from one event to another.

[SET]: Press this button to make any settings, sales time (hours, minutes), workdays, etc.

(Up/Down): Adjust the time data, select the odor concentration data and the working day.


1. The use of advanced physical atomization technology to convert liquid essential oil into aroma.

2. By assisting the rapid flow of air to the environment.

3. Maximize the aroma coverage and aroma concentration.


other information:
Aroma diffuser: we have plastic and metal materials, some for small areas, medium areas and large areas,
Installation method: connected to HVAC, mounted on the wall, placed on the table, suspended from the ceiling,
Operating mode: touch, Bluetooth, application, remote control system
Our air pumps are all imported, some are from Japan, and our materials are thicker. For each device,

In addition to the recommendations of the device itself, there are often problems such as atomizing the core. We will keep more in the package.


Fragrance fragrance diffuser maintenance:
If the device is out of service for a long time, we must first clean the entire device with alcohol before packaging.
Operation: Fill the empty oil bottle with alcohol, turn on the device for 10-15 minutes, then turn off the power and drain the alcohol.
Note: Aroma diffusers need to be cleaned every 1-3 months.


How to clean the machine?

1) Remove the bottle.

2) Clean the oil bottle with ethanol.

3) Add fresh alcohol to the bottle and install it on the machine and turn on the power for 10 minutes to clean the machine.

4) After cleaning the machine, turn off the power.

5) Remove the essential oil, place it in a metal (plastic) bottle, load the bottle into the machine and close the back door.


Note the other details of this perfume diffuser:

1) No heat

2) No water

3) No ultrasound

4) Refillable essential oil container

5) Cold air diffusion technology / dry gas technology

6) Keep silent while working

7) Use a fan system to improve the fragrance

8) Suitable for various areas from small to large

9) Friendly, easy to maintain and operate

10) Freestanding diffuser and HVAC system or hanging on the wall

11) with timer program, persistence, concentration settings

Eco Friendly Large Area Scent Diffuser HVAC Connect 2000-3000 Cubic Meters




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