Room Electric Essential Oil Diffuser / Aroma Fragrance Diffuser Wall Mounted

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guang Zhou China
Brand Name: Soyha
Certification: CE
Model Number: GS-5000
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Packing
Delivery Time: 3~7day
Payment Terms: T/T L/C
Supply Ability: 500 sets per month

Room Electric Essential Oil Diffuser / Aroma Fragrance Diffuser Wall Mounted​


Electric Essential Oil Diffuser Introduction


This Air Aroma Diffuser design is novel, the Oriental fragrance culture combined with modern science and technology, the principle of using ultrasonic ultrasonic vibration plant aromatherapy essential oil and water to spray 5 microns of superfine particles, producing a large number of negative ions are more likely to be inhaled by human body, give full play to the essence of natural aromatherapy effect, help you relax in stressful work life, achieve healthy nerves, skin moisturizing effect.
Warm prompt: it has better effect to use the bedroom, with calm the use of aromatherapy oil, which can effectively improve sleep quality.


Electric Essential Oil Diffuser Parameters


Product Description
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Electric Essential Oil Diffuser Details


Room Electric Essential Oil Diffuser / Aroma Fragrance Diffuser Wall Mounted

[MODE]: To change from one event to another event.
[SET]: By pressing it to do any setting, as for time selling (hour, minutes), work days and so on.
(UP/DOWN): Slide it to adjust the time data, scent concentration data and the choice of workdays.



Attention the other details for this scent diffuser machine:

  1. No ultrasonic
  2. Refillable fragrance oil container
  3. Cold-air diffusion technology/dry gas technology
  4. Being silent when it works
  5. With fan system to improve diffusing scent smell
  6. Suitable for various area from small to big
  7. Friendly and easy maintenance and operation
  8. Stand -alone diffuser & HVAC system or hang on wall
  9. With timer program, persistence, concentration setting

How to clean the machine?


1) Take out the bottle.

2) Clean the oil bottle with ethyl alcohol.

3) Fill in fresh alcohol in the bottle and install it to the machine and open power for 10 minutes to clean the machine.

4) After the machine is cleaned, turn off the power.

5) Take out the essential oil and put into the metal(plastic) bottle and install the bottle into the machine and close the back door.




Q1. How do I set the fragrance Diffuser to work?


you can set working intervals and stop intervals, and also working and stop working time everyday.For example, you could set the fragrance Diffuser work 30 secs and rest 30 secs from 9am to 10pm everyday.


Q2. Are your essential oil able to be refilled?


Yes, the essential oil can be refilled . But only pure Essential oil can be use by the diffuser,water can not be add into the machine.


Q3. What is the delivery date for a sample?


Usually about 1-3 days by UPS, FedEx or DHL for items with general requirements.


Q6.What’s the panment method?

Visa/MsaterCard (from trade Assurance Service),T/T ,L/C and Western Union.

Contact Details

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